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Ron Hughes Construction, FLP and Nationwide Housing Solutions, FLP are two committed limited partnerships that believe that everyone should have the enjoyment and benefits of owning their own homes.

From new construction homes to previously owned homes, we make it possible for almost everyone to own their own homes. We have homes from $70,000 to $535,000. Our inventory of homes changes almost weekly. We also have acreage from 3, 5, 10, to 120 acres, available for you to build your dream home or we will build the home according to your plans or plans that we have available.

Credit is typically the major issue for not owning your own piece of the American dream. With our companies, credit is not the major stumbling block to owning your own home. It is necessary to have a reasonable cash down payment (or as we refer to a lease option fee) or something of value to trade. We can, and will, help you own your home even with B, C, or D credit, and yes, even bankruptcy. Our major area of coverage is for Russellville, Conway, Greenbrier, Guy, Damascus, Clarksville, Morrilton, and Vilonia, Arkansas. However, we do cover all of Arkansas.


If you have property in foreclosure we can help save your credit rating by buying your home and stopping foreclosure immediately. If you are a senior citizen or a single mom, we may even be able to help you move locally and provide you with the cash to start over again. Whatever your need is, we will try our best to help fulfill that need.

Are you tired of all of the hassles of being a landlord? Let us put a qualified rent-to-own family in your property. The rent-to-own folks take care of all repairs under $5,000. No more calls about the toilet being stopped up or the A/C not working. At the end of the lease option period (usually not more than a year), you sell your home for pre-determined full market value with no realtor fee’s and only minor normal closing costs. Call us today………there is no obligation. If you have housing needs, please email info@nationwidehs.com or call 479-968-8333.

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