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Nationwide Housing Solutions makes it possible for everyone to own their dream home. Our properties’ prices range from $70,000 up to $535,000. We also offer rental properties including duplex and single  family homes.

Buyers And Financing

We work with people who have issues with their credit and need a short period of time to clear up any credit issues. This allows you to live in the home of your dreams while working on your credit issues. Check our website often for updates on our home inventory.

Sellers And Foreclosure

Are you tired of all the hassle that comes with being a landlord? Let us put a qualified, rent-to-own family in your property. They will take care of all repairs under $5,000 so you won’t have calls about clogged toilets and malfunction air conditioners. The lease period will last for around a year.

You’ll save money on realtor fees and you don’t have to apply repairs before selling it. After the lease period, you can sell your home for the pre-determined market value. You’ll save money on realtor fees and will only have to pay normal closing costs.

If your property is going through foreclosure, we can close it in 48 hours. We’ll save your credit rating by buying your house and stopping foreclosure immediately. If you are a senior citizen or a single mom, we may even be able to help you move and provide you with the cash to start over again.

Thank you for your interest. Is you have housing need, please email We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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